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What is Compression Therapy?

When we stand or sit, blood naturally pools in our lower legs and feet.  Our veins have valves that help push our blood back towards our heart and prevent swelling. Sometimes these valves start to wear out and our veins become distended because the pooled blood

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Why You Should Sweat in a Sauna After Working Out

The benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy. You just finished a tough Power Hour class and your shirt is sticking to you. You look for a towel to start drying off, looking forward to taking a shower as soon as possible. Then, you overhear a friend saying

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Get Down With the Cooldown

There are numerous ways you can begin recovering after a workout – no matter your preference, it’s time to get down with your cooldown! Pittsburgh Fitness Project

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The Infrared Sauna

Have you ever heard of an infrared sauna? The Pittsburgh Fitness Project continues to improve its services to help you meet your health and fitness needs.  We are proud to announce the upcoming opening this fall of our Exercise Recovery Center adjacent to our current

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The Right Beverage Choices to Fit Your Goals

Everyday we are faced with a myriad of choices for beverages. And it can be challenging to know which ones we should pick. Last week, we talked specifically about sports drinks and the best way to hydrate after a workout. This week, we want to

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Sports Drink Guide: Hydrating after a Workout

With so many choices of drinks available today, it gets confusing trying to navigate which ones can be the best decision to get you through your day. Whether you’re looking for a pick-me-up to get you through your training, the end of your workday, or

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My Top 5 Go-To Exercises

What’s up fitness family?! Let’s face it, we all have our favorite exercises to do in the gym. There’s nothing like getting off work on a Friday, hitting the gym, and crushing your favorite session going into the weekend. It’s a huge mood booster. Although

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Pandemic Habits: Some are Worth Keeping

Social distancing restrictions forced us to find new ways to maintain our well-being. Chances are, you had to significantly change your routine and adopt some new pandemic habits – some good, some not so good. As things start to return to normal – albeit a

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