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Boost Your Immune System this Winter Season

Cold and flu season is in full swing.  How can you boost your immune system to help ward off those nasty winter bugs?  Let’s review some basics: Boost Your Immune System 1.Get plenty of sleep We’re all busy during the holiday season and beyond.  Interruptions

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Staying Fit Tips from Team PFP: Holiday Edition

The holidays are a festive time full of friends, family, and lots of delicious snacks. With many families finally getting their holiday gatherings back to normal this year, some of us are fearing the excess food and lack of exercise that often occurs this time

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SAD this winter: Try light therapy to brighten your life!

Daylight savings time starts this weekend.  Darker, cloudier Pittsburgh days are ahead.  Do you get down occasionally during these long winter months?  How do people cope? And why do we sometimes feel down when the days are shorter? If this sounds like you, keep reading

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Tailgating Snacks to Beat the Bulge

Steelers season is here!  Tailgating snacks and pregame parties are here, too. Chips and queso, beer and pizza, burgers and fries are classic pregame foods.  They taste great but can leave you feeling bloated the next day.  What foods can you eat that are healthy,

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Self-Care in 2022: What Does it Mean?

We’ve all had a rough ride the last several years during the pandemic.  How do we take care of ourselves in this new place where we’ve arrived?  My experience is different from yours; the changes to my routines and life are likely different, too.  How

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Tips to Make Exercise a Habit

Many people struggle to make exercise a habit in their busy day-to-day life. Try these strategies to help make exercise a habit that sticks.

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Core Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Trying to manage lower back pain while maintaining an active lifestyle can be a difficult task. The posture we hold throughout the day while working or doing other minuscule tasks plays a large role in how we generally feel in regard to back pain. Ultimately

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Simple Meal Prep: Eating with the Seasons

As the weather changes with the seasons so does our appetite for certain foods. During the summer months, a cool treat like a smoothie sounds appealing. However, as the weather cools off soups and stews sound much more appetizing. Here are some of our favorite

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