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Understanding Sports Nutrition

It’s almost the second Saturday of the month, and you know what that means! Pittsburgh Fitness Project is ready for another Wellness Series, this time focusing on understanding sports nutrition!

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Mindfulness Seminar

Mindfulness has made quite the buzz lately. Health officials have been talking about it. So have influencers in the health and wellness social media spheres. We even wrote a blog on Mindfulness for Health not too long ago. And we are hosting a Mindfulness Seminar soon! But

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Meal Prep Adventure

This meal prep adventure thing. We wrote about it. I went to the Wellness Series Seminar. But between us, I had yet to do it. Out of some economic necessity, I decided it was time to bite it (so to speak) and go on my own meal prep

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Meal Prep: Is It Worth the Hype?

Meal prep is a popular term used these days in the health and wellness industry. People’s lives have never been busier and we are constantly on the run. This concept of a pre-prepared meal has had a big role in growing the fast food industry

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Zoom In Zoom Out

Motherhood. It is a journey. I am only 17 months into it. But  I have gleaned some wisdom through the rich conversations with those who have been there before me. And I have stumbled upon some perspective of my own. And I am humbled to

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Mindfulness for Health

If you’ve spent anytime on Instagram lately you’ve probably heard about mindfulness for health, which is a confusing term because I have yet to meet someone who never uses their mind. But Mindfulness is much more than just having brain impulses. Mindfulness is essentially just

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