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Sports Drink Guide: Hydrating after a Workout

With so many choices of drinks available today, it gets confusing trying to navigate which ones can be the best decision to get you through your day. Whether you’re looking for a pick-me-up to get you through your training, the end of your workday, or

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My Top 5 Go-To Exercises

What’s up fitness family?! Let’s face it, we all have our favorite exercises to do in the gym. There’s nothing like getting off work on a Friday, hitting the gym, and crushing your favorite session going into the weekend. It’s a huge mood booster. Although

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Pandemic Habits: Some are Worth Keeping

Social distancing restrictions forced us to find new ways to maintain our well-being. Chances are, you had to significantly change your routine and adopt some new pandemic habits – some good, some not so good. As things start to return to normal – albeit a

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No Time for Stress

I just got a new Garmin watch for my birthday.   A newly added feature was a daily stress tracker.   Did I need that?  Yet another metric to look at?  I have no time for stress!

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PFP Primal

Hello there fitness family! My name is Will Minnick, I’m a personal trainer here at the Pittsburgh Fitness Project. I would like to welcome you all to our new Saturday morning class, PFP Primal! PFP Primal – What You Will Do! Primal is the name

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Vaccines Work! New CDC Mask Guidance

Vaccines Work!  New CDC Mask Guidance Today the CDC stated that people fully vaccinated against Covid-19 no longer need to wear masks for most indoor activities.   The PA Department of Health has adopted the recommendation for the state as well. If you are two weeks

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Need to Reduce Stress? BREATHE

Looking for a way to reduce stress? Focus on breathing.      With the average person being busier than ever, we are all looking for ways to relax. When things get hectic, we have a hard time focusing on the now and staying in the

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Meet Trainer Angela

Meet Trainer Angela  Angela is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is also currently working on a certification to instruct mat Pilates for all levels.   After almost a decade of working in a corporate office

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Check Your Diet

When most people start a programmed fitness regimen, they usually also consider a diet plan as well. It only makes sense to check your diet, right? If you want to take care of your body, whether you’re losing weight or gaining muscle, you have to

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Women’s Weightlifting Clinic

Women’s Weightlifting Clinic   Pittsburgh ladies! Do you want to learn weightlifting but are unsure where to start? This Saturday on National “Try Weightlifting Day” we are hosting a FREE women’s weightlifting clinic.   When is it? Saturday, April 24th from 12-2 PM. What is

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