CureRock: Ending Childhood Cancer

CureRock is a nonprofit organization that supports the fight against childhood and adolescent & young adult (AYA) cancer.  We help finance educational, research and quality-of-life programs while raising awareness in the community. CureRock sponsors a variety of community events and activities, many of which include incredible live music performances from both local and national musicians and bands.

CureRock: Origins

Caring for and supporting patients with cancer has long been a priority for CureRock’s founders, who have years of experience working in the field. After meeting amazing survivors and advocates at yearly conferences, our founders became even more interested in engaging the cancer community.  Motivated by both the pediatric/AYA cancer population and connections in Pittsburgh’s vibrant music scene, the team sought to create an event that would be for and by the community. In 2012, CureRock was then created as a concert, a fundraiser, and an information fair.   The community came together to have fun, hear great music, learn about cancer resources and support patients undergoing treatment. After five years of growth as an annual event, CureRock incorporated as an independent nonprofit organization in 2017. CureRock’s flagship event is now an annual fundraiser concert held each spring at Hard Rock Cafe. The organization also holds smaller events and campaigns throughout the year, raising funds through small concerts, trivia events, online campaigns, and other means.


CureRock: Projects

CureRock funds research taking place in Pittsburgh that aims to better understand, treat and one-day cure cancer in children, adolescents, and young adults. In 2018, CureRock donated $10,000 to an ongoing project to develop a “biobank” at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.  The “bank” is a quality-controlled, easily searchable database of tissue samples from cancer patients.  This project builds a resource for researchers seeking to understand how pediatric cancer comes about and how it behaves.

Each year since its inception, CureRock has also helped fund quality-of-life programs for patients undergoing cancer treatment in Pittsburgh. While finding a cure is everyone’s ultimate goal, comforting patients as they confront cancer in their daily lives remains a high priority for our organization.  Most notably, since 2012, CureRock has funded local patients’ bus travel to the Flying Horse Farms Camp in Mt. Gilead, Ohio.  At the camp, kids who have been fighting cancer can go to forget about their illness and focus on enjoying life as a kid.   Since 2016, CureRock has also funded free parking for families of all cancer patients admitted at Children’s, providing parking vouchers for about 60 families each month.

Since its inception in 2012, CureRock has raised more than $100,000 for these pediatric and AYA cancer research and quality-of-life programs.


CureRock:  Connections

While CureRock is all about helping kids in their fight against cancer, we also make connections. By inviting local and national-level musicians to participate in its events throughout the year, CureRock creates bonds between patients, families, treaters, and artists.  Just as patients and their families get to enjoy the music at the annual CureRock event, the musicians learn the stories of young people whose strength and bravery are an inspiration. The connections CureRock has made have driven musicians to return each year and become more involved in the fight against childhood and AYA cancer.

CureRock:  Silent Boot Camp, Walter’s BBQ, Sat, Sept 28th 9 AM

Join CureRock and the Pittsburgh Fitness Project at Walter’s Southern BBQ on Butler Street, Lawrenceville, Saturday morning, September 28th at 9 AM as we rock out, work out, then pig out to raise funds for childhood cancer. Registration includes the boot camp, an event t-shirt and one drink ticket at Walters.

Sign up through CureRock at


Whitney Lerch

CureRock Board of Directors, President

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