Eating Well on Campus: Prepping for your next semester

Salad meal choice. Making smart food choices and eating well on campus can be extremely challenging. Try these helpful tips on campus next year!. Pittsburgh Fitness Project

Making smart food choices while on a college campus can be extremely challenging. Options provided are usually highly palatable and easy to overconsume. These two factors mixed in with the already high-stress environment of college make it super easy to pack on the pounds while on campus. Below are a few helpful tips to make smarter choices so you can make sure you’re eating well on campus next year!

Tips to Eating Well on Campus:
Opt for protein-dense food 

Protein is a very satiating macronutrient. Having an optimal size of protein at mealtime will go a long way toward keeping you feeling full and less likely to snack in between meals. Aim for a palm-sized portion of lean protein with each meal.

Add in more veggies

Along the same lines adding in more veggies will help keep you filled up longer as well. Vegetables have a lot of fiber, which can slow down digestion, meaning you will feel full for a longer period of time. Most campuses have a decent salad bar in the cafeteria and grab-and-go salad options from cafes as well.

Grab and go snacks 

When you’re in a hurry the tendency to eat calorie-dense ready-to-go snacks jumps up a ton. Try opting for the wrap or sandwich instead of the muffin or pastry at the coffee shop. You’ll get more nutrients and feel full longer as well.

Carry a water bottle

Often times we think that we’re hungry but in actuality we’re thirsty. Carrying around a water bottle can help when those hunger cravings hit. Drink up!

If you need help with eating well on campus or are interested in scheduling a nutrition consult reach out and we’ll be happy to chat!

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