An Exercise Routine for New Moms

For anyone, it can be hard to start back up with a fitness routine. Yet it’s especially hard for new moms!  That hour of free time you used to spend in the gym is now spent doing laundry, dishes, etc…The unpredictable duration of your little one’s naps can leave you frustrated on when to workout.  The following fitness routine will get you the most bang for your 20 minutes of available workout time.  The idea is to fire “fast twitch muscle fibers.”  As we age, we lose these fibers if they go untrained.  “Mom Life” leads to firing slow twitch muscle fibers from doing endless laundry and carrying around the babe.  In order to burn that stubborn fat and keep our youthful look and energy, we need to tap into the fast twitch muscle fibers.  So let’s begin that efficient exercise routine for new moms!

Exercise Routine for New Moms:

*AFAP = as fast as possible*

Go through this circuit 3 X’s!
1. Body Weight Squats 20X AFAP
2. Elevated Pushups 20X AFAP
3. High Knees 50X AFAP
4. Mountain Climbers  50X AFAP
5.  Skaters 50X AFAP


Jillian Chittester, BS, ACE, CPT / CMS: PFP Trainer


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