The Infrared Sauna

Infrared sauna. Resting after a workout at Pittsburgh Fitness Project

Have you ever heard of an infrared sauna? The Pittsburgh Fitness Project continues to improve its services to help you meet your health and fitness needs.  We are proud to announce the upcoming opening this fall of our Exercise Recovery Center adjacent to our current space.  As part of our center, we will have infrared saunas to aid in exercise recovery. 

What is an Infrared Sauna?

Infrared saunas use infrared light to penetrate muscles directly and heat your body from within versus a traditional sauna that heats the body from the outside.

Because infrared saunas can penetrate your muscles deeper than just heating the surrounding air, they can operate at a lower more comfortable temperature.

What are their Benefits?

Like traditional saunas, infrared saunas can:

How Do You Use an Infrared Sauna?

Some tips to remember when using an infrared sauna:

  • Drink water before getting in the sauna
  • Wear a bathing suit or light clothing
  • Start with a lower temperature (like 100 F) for your first session.  You can gradually increase the temperature during later sessions as you become accustomed to the heat
  • Use the sauna after working out to aid in exercise recovery
  • Gradually build on the length of your sessions to 20 – 30 minutes
  • Gradually increase your number of sessions per week

What Do I Do After My Session?

  • Get up slowly an allow your body to gradually cool down
  • Drink more water to maintain hydration


  • Avoid using the sauna if you feel ill or have a fever
  • Get permission from your doctor if you have a heart condition, high blood pressure or take any medications

Infrared saunas will become an integral part of the Pittsburgh Fitness Project’s Exercise Recovery Center along with compression and massage therapy.  Stay tuned as we ready our center for the fall!

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