Meet Trainer Angela

Meet Trainer Angela 

Angela is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is also currently working on a certification to instruct mat Pilates for all levels.


After almost a decade of working in a corporate office environment, Angela decided to make a change and pursue her passion for health and wellness. She started her journey into fitness as a young child by creating different dance routines in her living room. With no surprise to her family (that was forced to watch the routines), she remained active as a child and teenager.   She danced, did gymnastics, and was a competitive cheerleader. After high school, fitness remained an important part of Angela’s life.  She continued to mix up her workouts, rotating in between spin, Yoga/Pilates, HIIT, and resistance training.


Training with Angela 


Angela genuinely enjoys helping others create a healthier lifestyle and starting individuals on their wellness journey. Her workouts will focus on improving mobility, flexibility, and strength to help you become stronger in your daily routine. Just like her personal workouts, Angela will switch up the sessions with a mix of cardio, resistance, and flexibility training. In addition to physical wellness, she believes that mental health is just as important, so don’t be surprised if she sneaks in elements of yoga!


Training Philosophy 

To achieve long-term goals, Angela believes in making small changes that are realistic and sustainable. She firmly believes that a wellness program should be tailored to fit the wants and needs of each client. Angela will work to create an enjoyable program that can be eased into your everyday life. To Angela, “Moderation” is key, and finding the right balance in life is everything!


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