“More Than a Feeling”

“More Than a Feeling”

Hopefully, you clicked on this blog thinking it was about the Boston Song.  It’s not although I do want to talk about a feeling. Actually, two feelings now that I’m thinking about it, and the example I want to use is running. If you asked me how I feel about running, my initial response would probably be “It sucks.”  But then I’m guessing I would follow it up with something like, “Well, it’s not that bad.” Let me explain and eventually get to my point sooner rather than later hopefully.

Getting motivated to go running is a process for me because I flat out do not enjoy the struggle that comes with it. That wouldn’t be the case if I stayed consistent.  I often go through my workout phases and eventually quit running at some point. With that being said, the initial aches and pains coupled with the limited distance I can actually run before I feel like I’m dying quite frankly pisses me off as a competitive person and athlete. This situation obviously improves over time with consistency but getting started and knowing I have to go through all that BS again is tough.

I alluded to the first of two feelings above, feeling like I’m dying.  If you run sporadically as I do, you know exactly how bad that last stretch or minute or two sucks. I can’t even put into words how bad it is sometimes. After that feeling goes away, however, something magical happens:   the second feeling.

That Second Feeling

That second feeling is also hard to describe.  You kind of just need to experience it, but I’ll give it a shot. After putting yourself through what is often one of the worst feelings in the world (barely being able to breathe, close to cramping, sweaty as ever), a euphoric feeling suddenly takes over.  Everything that you just put yourself through is forgotten as you’re overwhelmed with an enormous sense of accomplishment. It’s wild.  It really is. Going from a point of hell to the top of the world in a matter of seconds just blows my mind. Knowing that I set out to do what I intended although it damn near crippled me really motivates me and makes me want to push even harder next time. And next time, I chase that feeling and push even harder. It’s incredibly addicting for me.

Alright so why are we talking about feelings? What’s the point you’re probably thinking? My point is this:  DON’T FORGET THAT FEELING! If you’ve experienced it, you know it’s incredible! If you’ve been sitting around stuck at home due to Covid and you just can’t find any motivation, or you’re waiting until the New Year to get started, forget that.  Get out and chase the feeling man! I promise you won’t regret it!


Tony Salerno

General Manager

Pittsburgh Fitness Project


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