PFP Primal

Hello there fitness family! My name is Will Minnick, I’m a personal trainer here at the Pittsburgh Fitness Project. I would like to welcome you all to our new Saturday morning class, PFP Primal!

PFP Primal – What You Will Do!

Primal is the name for our new strongman and endurance-based class.   It lasts one hour and uses full-body exercises specified to build strength and improve conditioning. Primal stands out from our other classes because we apply non-traditional strength methods to accomplish the workout.  We use equipment such as sandbags, steel maces, kettlebells, ropes, sleds, heavy bags, medicine balls, and our infamous giant tractor tire.

We’ve structured the class as follows: A 10-minute dynamic warmup, followed by three 12 minute circuits, core exercises, and a cool down with light stretching.


Primal – How It Will Help You!

This class provides multiple benefits. You will use primary movements like a squat, hinge, hold, carry, push and press: daily movement patterns we do in everyday life. We carry groceries, move furniture, hold our children, cut the grass, and push strollers. For example, a sled push can equate to pushing a double stroller. A farmer’s carry can mimic a trip out of the grocery store. And a mace swing is identical to swinging an ax or sledgehammer. The class prepares you for the everyday grind of life by using these unconventional training methods.


These exercises build the full-body strength required to move large objects and complete tasks with resiliency. It fortifies the ability to fend for yourself while still being able to move efficiently. It is the type of strength that was required by our great ancestors, Paleolithic man. That’s why we named the class,  “Primal.”


In addition, you can complete these exercises with simple everyday items. For example, use a rock for a med ball or pick up a large tree stump as a tire deadlift.  Perform a pull-up by simply grabbing onto a tree branch.  Do a loaded carry with 2-gallon jugs. You can practice these exercises at home to stay in shape and stay strong.


This class is also perfect for any of our strongmen and women competitors out there! Most of the exercises performed will be featured in your typical strongman competition. Primal prepares you for sure!



So come on down to PFP for Primal, Saturdays at 9:30 am! The first class is free! Come see the hype and get started on your fitness journey! Have a great day all!  Click on the link below to sign up!

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