PFP Strong

Don’t let the name intimidate you. PFP Strong is a class for every ability level. Along with our Endurance class, Strong is our main group exercise offering. If you’re looking to get stronger at your basic barbell movements, learn basic barbell movements, or simply just enjoy a good workout then Strong is for you!


Strong combines basic barbell lifts (row, press, squat, and deadlift) with accessory work. These movements can all be modified for injuries, orthopedic issues, or skill levels.


Strong is scheduled three days a week at PFP. We program a push/pull day, a squat day, and a hinge day.


Each Strong class starts with a dynamic warmup and then we move into our barbell lift for the day. After barbell work, we move into accessories. These accessories vary based on the day/workout but will emphasize strengthening weak points and will elevate your heart rate as well. Each class finishes with core work.


Our strong workouts are available on our TrueCoach platform so you can track your results and watch yourself improve over time.


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