Saying Goodbye to Summer – Our Last Summer Vacation Workout Series

Summer is coming to a close.   As you get your last weekend getaways in before the fall season hits, here are some vacation workout tips for when you are away.  Feel free to use some of these throughout the year!

Everyone thinks about vacations and exercise differently. Some of you may find it a chore to work out on your vacation, and some may find the change in scenery fun, especially when you are in a scenic location. Either way, since I’ve taken my first extended vacation in my young life, I’ve changed my perspective on working out on vacations myself. The following workouts are going to be the shortest, most intense workouts you can do to get back on your vacation with the least amount of interruption.

Your Mini-Vacation Workouts:


-Do 250 squats as fast as possible. You may need to modify the number based on your fitness level. You may have to break it up into 10 sets of 25, 5 sets of 50, maybe even do 150 squats instead. Either way, get this done as fast as you can!


-Do 100-200 pushups as fast as possible. This workout is also modifiable based on your fitness level. If you still can’t do full pushups, that is okay, do a modified instead. This is a pretty high number of pushups to be doing but challenge yourself! You are on vacation so you may not be able to get in a lot of workouts. GET IT DONE!


-Do lunges for up to 10 minutes straight. This can be modified depending on the amount of time you have. If you are strong enough to do more than 10 minutes, go for it! Some of you may only get a couple of minutes in a row. That’s okay! Challenging yourself and seeing where you are at with how long you can do lunges in a row is a great way to see what your single-leg strength is like and is a great mental challenge too.  Play 3-4 of your favorite songs and see if you can lunge through them!


-Do 5-10 minutes of mountain climbers. Rest as much as you need to, pause your timer when you rest, and get that 5-10 minutes of mountain climbers done. This one is going to be tough! Don’t forget how to hold a plank. Keep your butt down and your shoulders over your hands as you are doing the mountain climbers.

These quick exercises can be done indoors and out so will translate into any season or place.


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