The Ultimate Pass at PFP

What is the Ultimate Pass? It’s a question we answer a lot at PFP so we decided to cover everything the Ultimate Pass can do for you.


At PFP the Ultimate Pass is your do everything membership. It allows you to choose what elements of strength and conditioning you focus on.


The Ultimate Pass – Strength Training

With the Ultimate Pass, you have access to our Power Hour classes as well as Olympic weightlifting coaching. These two programs are designed to be performed separately but can also be run concurrently.


The Ultimate Pass is designed as an alternative to CrossFit. Instead of blending together traditional strength training and endurance training, we separate the two. We like to use the right tool for the right job.


Weightlifting coaching is designed to specifically improve Olympic lifts.  These programs are designed by our head coach Tom Duer, a national champion in the sport of Olympic weightlifting.


For those who aren’t interested in improving their Olympic lifting, we also have a Strong Class three days a week where we focus on basic barbell movements:  squat, deadlift, overhead press, and row.


The Ultimate Pass – Endurance Classes

Our Endurance Classes are designed to improve your cardiovascular endurance.  We use intervals on cardio machines as well as bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, battle ropes, and medicine balls. These classes are designed to progress each week similar to a traditional strength training program.


The goal of the Ultimate Pass is to allow you to choose what strength element you focus on: Olympic weightlifting or more basic barbell movements while at the same time improving conditioning and cardiovascular fitness through our Endurance classes.


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