Why Do I Need an Appointment to Work Out?!

Why do I need an appointment to work out and see the results I want?


Life is busy. If we don’t schedule a time for the things we need/want to do, they often get pushed to the back burner.

Fitness operates in the exact same manner. If you don’t schedule a time to workout, it quickly slides down the priority list.


Work Out Appointments = Accountability

Scheduling your fitness holds you accountable on all fronts.

When you are working out on your own at home or at the gym. it’s much easier to skip.  You don’t have a scheduled time to hold yourself accountable. For example, you might think: “I’ll work out at some point today, I have all day,  I’m working from home. There’s no rush.”

These thoughts leave the door open for life to get in the way of your fitness goals.

Create an appointment, either with a trainer or as a class reservation,  and force yourself to plan your day around the appointment.  Your thinking can then become:  “I know I have my training appointment at 4:30 this afternoon, so I need to get all my work done beforehand.”

Setting the appointment makes exercise one of the priorities of your day and makes those fitness goals much more attainable!


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