Why I Enjoy Coaching & Training: Tonja Ayala

100% effort is all I ever ask for. That doesn’t mean that you are the absolute best. That doesn’t mean that you destroy all of your opponents and leave them quivering in a heap in your wake. It means that you left it all out there and you tried.

Tonja’s Background

My background is as a Military kid. That has carried over into my career as a PE teacher, Coach, and trainer. I was always expected to try to do my best. To give a good effort. The type of athletes and people that I always gravitate too are ones that just show up and give you all that they have.
That is what I try to instill in my clients, athletes that I have coached and athletes that I train. Some of my favorite athletes are those that overcome “stuff”. Jackie Joyner-Kersee is my all-time favorite athlete. She suffered from severe asthma as a kid and as an adult. She is one of the best sprinters and jumpers of all time. Therefore, if you have completely healthy lungs and two legs you should be able to run. No excuses, right?


As a trainer, the thing that motivates me the most is an improvement. I love it when my clients get faster, stronger and fitter. This usually leads to them trying new things and influencing their family and friends to try new things with them. I feel like I have won a prize when this happens. I take tremendous pride in my clients’ achievements. I have never been much into self-promotion. My athletes that achieve awards and clients that reach their goals and succeed promote me and my training the most. That is why their goals are my goals and we try to achieve them together.
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