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Edward Moore

“I have gone to PFP since they opened. Previously I was a member at LAF in Bakery Square, and PFP was a welcome change from the big corporate gym atmosphere. The personal interaction between the staff and clients makes for a much more welcoming environment.”

“Tom and Brian have brought in a fantastic staff and created a great atmosphere to workout, whether it is through personal training or group fitness. There is lots of parking available and the location is great. Stop in today to check out PFP!”

Allison Burns

“January 30, 2020 PFP is the perfect embodiment of personalized wellness. It is a place where you can work on fitness goals that are important to you, not the person next to you. I have been coming to PFP for over three years, and this is the first place where I have felt challenged and seen results.”

“Challenged in ways like learning how to kettlebell swing or lift a barbell and results in actual muscle definition! The moment you walk through the doors, you feel welcomed, inspired, and ready to go. It is a fun and encouraging environment. Members want everyone to succeed, not just trainers. And if you are unsure about a movement, a trainer is there to show you how to do it, without any sort of shame or embarrassment attached. It doesn’t matter your fitness level; PFP is the place to find your best potential, and oh yeah, have fun along the way. I LOVE IT!”

Phil Pennock

“April 26, 2018 I’ve been with Tom for several years now as he’s gone from strength to strength. His philosophy of training and wellness and vision for PFP are spot-on, as is the culture he’s managed to grow there. They train people of all sizes and fitness levels, right up to Rather Serious weightlifters, and nobody is ever made to feel unwelcome or intimidated.”

“Many big companies have bold claims about what they provide in terms of inclusive atmosphere, but fall far short. PFP actually provides. Every trainer really knows their stuff and how to get you to achieve what you didn’t think you could. My wife and I are very happy members.”



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